How Does MLM Marketing Compare to Internet Marketing?

In many ways, MLM marketing is both the same as and different from Internet marketing (IM). One way they’re the same is that the more people who are promoting and selling the marketer’s products in IM, the more the marketer will earn.

The Internet marketer can make more in income by getting involved in joint ventures with a partner or two and by selling affiliate products. The avenues to make money as an Internet Marketer are many.

MLM has the same ability to create wealth based on the same principle as Internet marketing. The leverage is even the same and is found in the people you serve either in a joint venture or as a distributor.

Don’t look at either form of marketing as a stepping stone for your success but as a means of helping people achieve their desire for financial gain. Because when you help others, you’re ultimately helping yourself.

You don’t want to become known as the marketer who uses people and once the money is in your pocket you ditch them. Those kind of marketers always have to find new blood to take advantage of whereas the marketer who helps people has no trouble building either a downline or a following.

There’s also another common thread between the two. That common thread is what’s known as passive income and works this way: in Internet marketing, a marketer creates a product.

He sells it numerous times. He lets others sell his product and pays them a commission but he still earns, too. He’s now continually making money on something he spent time to create once.

In multi level marketing, the person who creates a solid downline begins to earn money or commission based on what those people do with their own sales. Because he’s making money from the actions of his downline, this is passive income – a great tool for success in either field.

How effective is MLM marketing versus IM? It’s very effective depending on how much you’re willing to commit to working on achieving your goals. Which way of doing business is better? Neither.

Both are what the people who decide to do it will make of it. You can get involved with Internet marketing or MLM marketing, but you have to learn the art of making it a success.

Study the top gurus in both areas. What are they doing right? What did the ones who failed do wrong? You’ll notice the ones who succeeded and went to the top in either business are the ones who hung in there and didn’t quit.

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