Multi Level Marketing Focus Should Be Split

Any time you start a new business, it can be trying knowing how you should split the areas that are instrumental for success. With multi level marketing, your focus should be divided into a 50/50 split.

You should spend half your time and energy on selling the product and the other half on getting others involved in the same opportunity that you have. Both work together to keep the wheel turning. Recruitment helps the product to move, selling the product brings in distributors.

The often overlooked key to selling anything is the person behind the selling. People want to do business with those they trust, with people who have a passion for a product and aren’t afraid to let that passion shine.

Besides a passion and building trust, what else can you do to move products and make money? Make sure your presentation is the best it can be. Don’t invest in sub-par promotional materials, flashy or gimmicky websites or annoying tactics. Anything associated with your business should be the best quality. Be professional from the start and carry yourself as a business owner who knows what he’s doing.

Don’t let grass grow under your feet. Understand trends and traffic, both online and off. Constantly learn new ways to promote your product, new avenues to get the word out. What worked last month won’t be as effective this month. You can bet your competition isn’t sitting still waiting for buyers. He’s actively searching for them.

The other half of your focus should not just be recruitment but relentless recruitment without being pushy. Passion is one thing – proof is another. Be prepared to prove your case to those who are on the fence about joining you.

Show how you got started in the business and what you’ve accomplished to date. Remember that people don’t follow products, they follow the person who will lead and more often than not, they’re not buying into a business, they’re buying into a dream – how they envision their life could be.

To get people to invest their time and energy into you MLM business as distributors, you’ve got to first invest in them. Don’t see them as a means to an end for yourself but as a chance for you to help someone’s life become better than it is. Offer them hope that they can be a success too and that you’ll be there on the journey with them to answer their questions and to offer whatever support they need.

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