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There’s a reason why the majority of people you’ll talk to you in life want to work at home. Usually, the top answer you’ll get is, “I want to be my own boss.” But besides the lure of being their own boss, everyone knows that working from home brings with it a great deal of perks that just make life better.

Working at home is actually cheaper than working in an office. It costs money to make money. When you work in an office, you have to either bring a lunch from home, buy it out at a restaurant (risking dwindling pay and expanding waistlines) or you get so caught up in work, you skip lunch and then ravenously either buy a meal home or pick up supper out to bring it home.

Travel expenses are cut when your office is in your home. You won’t pay for the extra gas it takes to drive the office, toll road costs or fees associated with parking permits. You’ll save the wear and tear on your vehicle too, thus extending the life of your car.

Office clothes are a lot more expensive than the clothes you purchase to wear at home, especially if you have to wear suits or anything that’s dry clean only. Mothers with younger children can slash or even cut out day care expenses completely.

You’ll no longer have to work your life around your job but will get to work your job around your life. There won’t be any more times of missing out on important family events or outings because you’re stuck at the office or stuck in rush hour traffic.

And in the event there’s a family emergency, you won’t have to clear it with anyone before you head out of town. By working at home, you’ll gain a great boss (yourself!) and lower the stress level of trying to please a boss who keeps raising the performance bar.

When the weather turns nasty, you won’t have to worry about traveling on roads that are dangerous and you won’t be dashing for cover under a pouring rain. You’ll get to slow down and sip your coffee as you start your morning dry and comfortable.

Because offices can be a warehouse for germs, especially in the winter months, you’ll have less chance of becoming ill or worse, catching those germs and bringing them home to your family.

There won’t be any office politics for you to get caught up in and you won’t get stuck between two gossiping employees while you’re trying to get your work done. You’ll get to avoid boring meetings, boring coworkers and the pressure from trying to meet impossible last minute deadlines.

But perhaps the best perk of all that comes from being your own boss and working from home is that you get to control your earnings. What you make won’t be up to what your boss thinks about how well you’ve performed of haven’t performed your duties. You’ll be free to set your own goals and make as much as you’d like.

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