How Much Can You Trust an MLM Review Site?

Like any informed consumer, you want to check out an MLM review site before you join anything. So you do a search in Google or another search engine and you come up with a ton of reviews about the opportunity you’re considering.

As you read, you notice that the wording lists the product or services and might even ask, ‘Is X product a Scam?’ and as you read it, you discover that the site isn’t actually being honest.

They’re pretending to do a review, but you quickly learn that the review is just a path to promoting the product. Can you trust a reviewer to promote a product honestly? Well that depends on the reviewer.

There are some out there who can be trusted, who hate scams just as much as you do. But it’s far too easy for someone to use the Internet and claim to have used a product when they actually haven’t.

Why do people write reviews is they don’t know the product? Simple. They get paid to write the review or they know that product is pulling in site visitors so they promote it. They don’t care whether you get poor results or not from the product. Earning the pay or the commission is their end goal.

Can you not trust a review at all then, since there are dishonest ones around? You can – because that’s not necessarily the case with all reviews. Some of the reviewers do know the product well, have used it and will give you an honest opinion.

These people aren’t going to hide behind the Internet. They don’t mind putting their name and reputation on the review. Plus, they don’t mind telling you what’s wrong with the product.

There are no perfect products. So if you see a review that says, ‘I didn’t have any problems with the product and it’s the best thing since sliced bread!’ that could be a possibility.

But if you see reviews that talk glowingly about the product and how they or someone else got rich ‘overnight’ then you can bet that review is dishonest. What made them rich were the people they scammed into buying it.

If you do some research about the sites online, you may even see them referred to as ‘scam review’ and these sites will point out all the positives about the product and how much money can be made.

What they won’t do is tell you anything negative about the product or MLM business. They’ll make it seem as if all you have to do is sign up and you’re on the way to becoming the next millionaire. Just remember to take everything you read under careful consideration and check out any MLM company yourself.

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