What Is the Financial Possibility in a Network Marketing Home Business?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you believe the testimony of the guy who’s sitting on a beach with his arm wrapped around a bikini clad woman, a mansion in the background, near a car that costs what a small country would?

Some people do earn millions of dollars in network marketing. You might not be aware that some of the millionaires in the world today made their millions by joining a network marketing company.

Does everyone who joins a marketing company make millions? Some don’t. How can you tell which one will you be? That determination is not made by the company. It’s not even made by the customers. It’s made by you.

Of course, some network marketing home businesses do offer a better compensation plan that others do and you’ll have to decide which one will pay you the best rewards. There are network marketing companies where you can rise in the ranks and begin to pull in twenty or thirty thousand dollars a month.

Go into it with the mindset that you’re going to be one of those distributors but understand that bringing in that kind of income is going to take time and a lot of hard work.

Those who are looking for a quick buck are often desperate and desperate people make mistakes financially. You are the best person to look out for your well being. You’re also the best person who can determine whether or not you can work hard and stick with a company until you get out of it the financial rewards that you want to see happen.

One of the best ways to make sure you’ll stick with a company is not only find a product you believe in but also find a product or service that you yourself are passionate about. That’s the secret ingredient that shines through when you talk to others about the company – it’s your belief, your passion, your desire to share with others the same joy you get from it.

Because of the way network marketing is set up in the various compensation plans, you’ll work very hard in the beginning to establish your downline but once you train and support them, you’ll begin to make money by working once and earning repeatedly.

To explain that in plain language, it means that you’re going to benefit from what’s known as residual income. A customer buys a product you promote, you earn on that. This customer comes back, orders more product. You keep getting commission every single time they order.

But, as you grow your business by adding more people to your downline who are just as passionate about the product as you are, you earn based on their commission too. You earn a commission because you’re the one who brought them into the company, you’re the one who encourages, trains them and is responsible for working with them on any issues that might slow their success.

Because of that, as their upline or manager, you’re earning based on your expertise that’s benefiting them. You could compare the way the earnings are set up in the compensation plan to someone who pays for the services of a business or life coach.

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