How to Spot a Bad MLM Opportunity

Multi level marketing is a fantastic chance to earn cash whether you do it part time or full time. The MLM opportunity has been around for years and has helped many create financial cushions.

Any time there’s a good thing, a crook comes along, copies the basic recipe, drains the good out of it and sets it back up to take advantage of people. While these crooks or scam artists are very cunning, they’re often not as smart as they think they are and many will use the same tired promises to lure in their victims.

There are several ways you can tell the difference between a good and a bad MLM business opportunity. The first sign is that the company explains to you that the only way you can make money is every time a newbie joins your crew.

If you don’t sign anyone up, then you don’t get a commission at all. But if you do sign people up, you can make a ton. This is farming people – a handful make money off a foundation of others supporting them and this is one of the key warning signs that the business is a pyramid scheme.

The second way to tell if the MLM opportunity you’re looking into is one you should avoid is based on what they say about your future with them. If they offer up over inflated promises that you’ll get rich quick or you’ll become an instant millionaire, you can bet the only ones laughing all the way to the bank is them.

There’s no such thing as a legitimate get rich overnight gig and there are no exceptions to this no matter how hyped up the ads are or how charismatic the person is trying to convince you.

The third way to tell if the company wants to fleece you is they promise that you can make money without working. Honestly, if that were true, would anyone punch a time clock? Wouldn’t we all run like lemmings to snatch the chance?

The fourth way to know that the company is a bad idea is your own built in ‘uh-oh’ meter. You know in your gut when something sounds too good to be true or when it sounds like a scam.

If you don’t know if you can trust your own instincts, a search engine is your friend. Look up the company online. Put in the name or the product and add ‘+ scam’ or ‘+ complaints.’ Read what others say about them. In any MLM opportunity, you might find one or two disgruntled people who couldn’t make it work, but you wouldn’t find hundreds.

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