How to Develop Your Own MLM Recruiting System

Bringing on more people to your downline through a savvy MLM recruiting system is a way to ensure that your business lasts beyond a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ headlines. Without recruiting, you’re not going anywhere but growing stagnant. Now you can purchase a system by shopping around online for one or you can create one that’s more suited to the way you like to do business.

If you’ve never developed a plan for recruiting before, don’t worry – it’s only a matter of following a few steps. Before you start, make sure you’ve got the knowledge you need to have about the business. Be prepared to answer any question that arises from your prospects.

Step one – write out a day by day goal sheet. Plan what you’re going to do every single day to accomplish your MLM goals. If your goal is to get five new recruits in a week, then you know you’re going to have to present your business to a certain number of people based on your conversion percentages. Work at your business daily. If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll earn hobby income and not real income.

Step two – project the right beliefs about the business. If you have an Eeyore mentality about recruiting, that doesn’t draw people to you or MLM. If you’re not pumped up and excited about the opportunity, why would people want any part of a business that doesn’t even fire up the person already in it?

Step three – know when to be quiet. You might be nervous when you speak to new people and you might be eager about your business, but combining the two can make you sound like an over the top eager beaver.

Rather than push how great things are going and what a chance they have to get onboard, find out what they need and want from life and what they hope to accomplish. Find out what pulls them to want to change their lives. Listen!

Step four – don’t see the prospect as a dollar sign. Once you know how they want to change their lives, be able to explain to them how MLM can do that. If you’ve been in the business awhile, you should have examples you can show them.

Talk is cheap. Be able to back up your statements with proof. Show them a commission check stub. Have a plan ready to show recruits where you list the steps it’ll take to get involved with the business and then list your part in helping them reach their maximum potential. Talk about the helpful training you’ll give them, how you’ve overcome problems, and how you persisted and are successful today because of it.

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