What Is Network Marketing?

Though network marketing has been given many handles, it all falls under the same basic category – it’s a strategy that interweaves people helping people while at the same time reaching financial goals.

The power behind any network marketer is his or her downline. Hence the power of networking. This type of business is not a one man show, but utilizes the ability and strengths of people in numbers to market products and build companies.

Just as a brick and mortar business relies on employees so show up every day and give the company their best ability and talent, so goes network marketing. Those who can create a downline of people who will work hard and make it their passion will quickly find success.

Those who scoff at network marketing do so because they don’t understand the concept behind the way the business is run. Take for example a famous pizza franchise. Individuals can buy into the franchise and then run each individual store as they see fit to a certain degree.

Whether the store flops or turns into a profitable venture will depend on how well management trains the employees, how good the products are and how well the employees will service others. The franchise is part of the same parent company, yet independently owned.

In network marketing, the profit will be determined by how good the upline or managers know the business, whether the product fills a void and how well they teach their downline to be successful in the business.

Each distributor, like a franchise, is independently working and yet is still connected with the parenting or the MLM company. The parenting companies are instrumental in making sure that each distributor has the training and information he or she needs.

That’s why it’s so important that you choose a company that will train you for greatness. All of the tools to win at network marketing are out there, you just have to find the right company and take hold of the training.

Network marketing is a wide open selling field and new businesses spring up all the time. Millionaires are still made in marketing every month and you can be one of them but only if you don’t buy into the trap of thinking it’s all about sales and all about you. Anyone can sell products, but not everyone can develop the kind of depth between two people that keep them returning to the product as a loyal customer.

You might be surprised to learn that network marketing is not just about selling. It’s about building through connections and you can forget about cold turkey calling random strangers or going door to door asking people if they want to try your product.

That method is so outdated. Today’s methods of reaching people in network marketing include using social media (such as Facebook, Twitter or setting up a personal webpage) and it also includes the easy to use method of lead generation (people who have already indicated a desire or shown an interest in the product or company).

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