How to Explain Multilevel Marketing to Friends and Family

When you’re excited about an opportunity like multilevel marketing, it can be easy sometimes to get carried away and be over exuberant with others when you try to talk about it.

You don’t want to come across like one of those pushy infomercials with a ‘you gotta get it now!’ type of speech. There are several ways you can explain to people what it is you do and you need to change your approach based on how the chance to share is given to you.

For the person who sees you working from home and asks you what you’re doing, that’s a wide open chance at a short presentation. You don’t want to give them a spiel worthy of an Oscar, though. Keep it short and simple. Working from home is the American dream for most people and when they see someone who’s doing it, they might be wondering if it’s possible for them, too.

The best way to explain multilevel marketing is to explain the different avenues they use to get goods into their own homes. They go out and buy it from a store. They get a postcard or letter in the mail, like the product and order it. They get called by a company, hear a speech about the service or product and buy it. They do online shopping. Or they hear about great products from someone like you, a distributor.

Probably 99% of conversions in MLM are presentations taking place by conversation alone. It’s based on how you present the opportunity to work from home and make money doing it.

If you’re unsure how to share the opportunity, if you’re trying to hem and haw and come up with solid selling points, then you’re not going to be able to accurately explain why it’s a good idea for them to join in the business, too. Be genuine, but practice what to say until you feel comfortable. You never know when someone will ask you.

Because the term “MLM” can be confusing to some people, don’t try to explain everything that goes into the process. You can simplify it into one sentence by saying, “Multilevel marketing is about selling products at a great price, getting paid to do so and giving others the chance to make money at home, too.”

You can also liken it to shopping at a store that offers incentive programs. Point out that any store that offers a discount for shopping with them is basically the same concept as network marketing.

If you shop somewhere and save money – plus you earn points that can be applied toward grocery purchases, you’re going to want to tell your friends and family about that store. There are other businesses that also use a similar method like ‘tell a friend’ discounts. You may have seen some of them like ‘get $25 for every friend you refer.’

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