MLM Advertising Requires You to Master the Art of Persuasion

Persuasion means you convince someone to act or believe. It’s the basis on which any kind of selling job is built and why you have to succeed at MLM advertising. If you can’t persuade people to act, they won’t buy and you won’t prosper.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the key to selling relies on how well you present the product or on how much a potential buyer likes you. Neither one of those are the driving force behind a sell. Selling is always based on one thing – incentive or motivation.

Not your incentive or motivation, but the buyer’s. A good example of that would be for the MLM marketer who’s in the business of selling home security products. The product isn’t going to motivate the buyer.

The marketer isn’t going to motivate the buyer. What’s going to motivate the buyer is getting to the heart of what matters to him. Is it protecting his possessions? Could be. No one wants to come home and find their home ransacked – or worse – wake up in the middle of the night with a stranger standing over them. What else could motivate that homeowner to buy security products? The protection of his family. People want their loved ones kept safe.

To master the art of persuasion, you have to know what the buyer cares about. Once you discover that, you tap into what moves them to take action. The art of persuasion is more than just knowing how to overcome a ‘no’ response from a potential client or recruit. It’s knowing what to say in such a manner than a ‘no’ never arises.

Focus on how your product is going to help their lives. Get on their level. To do this, you’re going to have to make an emotional connection. Don’t be phony. Not only is that dishonest, but people see through that and if they find out you’re not honest about your pitch, you won’t get a second chance to talk to them. Don’t say you’ve ‘been there’ if you haven’t.

You can make a connection with people by putting yourself in their shoes over situations you’ve also dealt with. Did you once try really hard in a job where you were unappreciated and never seemed to catch a break? Most people can relate to that.

Did you worry about how you were going to pay for retirement or where the money for the stuff you wanted to do in life was going to come from? What about money for your kids’ college funds?

Many people are concerned about that. Financial worries are a universal language that too many people understand. The art of persuasion is convincing people to take action for something you know can change their life.

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