Questions You Need to Ask MLM Companies Before Signing On

Deciding to join MLM companies can be an exciting opportunity for advancement in your life. However, if you get involved with a bad company, it can do more damage than good.

Don’t ever enter into any type of venture without first knowing all you need to know. You can learn about the company you’re considering simply by asking the right questions.

The first question you should ask is what’s expected of you in order for you to see a profit. If you hear answers like ‘you’ve got to recruit at least ten people as a downline before you begin to see any money’ then that should stand as a warning the company might not be all that it should be.

The answer to the question should be that it’s based on how hard you work. Those who work hard succeed in MLM, those that don’t put forth a genuine effort, won’t.

The next question you should ask is how well the product has done in sales over the last year and the last five years. This will give you a good idea of how well (or poorly) the product performs.

Ask to see records. If you get resistance to letting you see proof, it could be the company isn’t being honest. Good MLM companies are proud of their growth and won’t mind showing it off when asked.

The third question you should ask is – what kind of help does the company provide with leads. Ask if you’re expected to generate leads on your own. Whether they do or don’t doesn’t make them a bad company. It depends on how well you think you’ll do at generating leads on your own versus having them given to you.

Next, ask what type of training you’ll receive. If you’ve ever been involved with a MLM business before, this might not be as meaningful to your success – but if you haven’t, then it can make a difference in how you handle sales as well as your downline.

You should also ask if there’s a certain amount of product that you’re expected to move every month. Ask before you sign on if you’re required to turn in a pre-set dollar amount in orders for products even if you haven’t sold that much.

Having to come up with a regular monthly sales of $500 might not be so bad once you’ve been selling a few months, but if you’re required to turn in that much within the first thirty days, it might be harder to do so.

There are some MLM companies that require their consultants to do this and if the consultant doesn’t come up with that much in sales, not only is the consultant removed from active status but is stuck with the hundreds of dollars for the cost of the kit as well. You want to know what you’re getting into before you agree to sign on.

Finally, ask how the company plans to help you succeed. A good company will be interested in providing you with the tools, the training and the teaching to ensure that you start out right and stay that way.

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