The Best MLM Strategy Is Good Leadership

Many people want to know if there’s one best MLM strategy they should follow. Have you considered what yours will be? Are you banking on a superior knowledge of the product? Finding great leads? Conversions?

While all of that is important, MLM isn’t built on how well you know the product. It’s not built on getting great leads and it’s not built on conversion of those leads. There’s one thing that separates a successful venture from the next and that’s leadership.

Think about some of the bosses you may have had in your life. The boss who didn’t care about you personally – the one who thought of you as a way to advance himself – he never earned your respect, your loyalty or your desire to work hard for him.

Bosses that care about the people who work for them, who strongly desire to see everyone succeed are the kinds of bosses that earns respect and attract those who will work hard for them. The difference is that the second guy is more than a boss – he’s learned the art of how to lead people to success.

The right type of leadership makes a difference in how well an MLM business will do. What are the top three qualities a leader should have? A genuine concern for the people who work alongside him. A phony is easily spotted. Don’t be an image – be real.

The leader whose goal is to use other people to get ahead might seem to enjoy success all the way to the top, but once he gets there, he can’t stay there – not if he’s walked on the backs of others. Because when the people who helped him in the venture move away, he doesn’t have any support left.

In an MLM business, as a leader, you want to make sure you’re concerned about your downline, that their worries are your worries. You want to help shoulder the burden with them. Not only does this establish trust, but it builds loyalty as well.

Another quality a leader should have is to be approachable. In an MLM venture, there shouldn’t be a ‘me versus them’ attitude, but an, ‘us working together’ mentality. Put yourself on the same level. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. Be open about your mistakes or faults, but up front about your hopes for the business.

Finally, a leader should have availability. If you’re too busy to take care of your downline, then you’re too busy, period. Though you need a life too, your downline should be able to reach you when they have a question or whenever they’re feeling overwhelmed. Think about ways to encourage your downline. Send them a personalized email or drop a note in the mail letting them know you’re there to help them.

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