Network Marketing Training Online Versus Offline

In the age-old debate of whether online or offline network marketing training is the best, the answer remains the same. It’s whichever one will work. You can have some downline participants that are more than happy to train online and even prefer it that way, yet you’ll always have one group that prefers the face to face meetings.

Neither way is wrong. Whatever it takes to motivate your people is what you want to go with. Now if you’re a newbie and you feel more comfortable working one on one with a mentor or upline, then find the MLM company that offers that.

But with all of the advances in technology, the accuracy and clarity of video software, you can train online and it can feel almost like you’re right there. Some video programs will even allow for real time interaction as the video plays. The presenter can pause to wait for questions and answer them in a chat or open up a chat right after the video.

Many MLM marketers prefer online marketing because it’s available when they aren’t. Somewhere in the world, while you’re sleeping, someone is awake and wanting to learn about your product or wants to hear your presentation.

It’s kind of hard for them to join you in an offline face-to-face meeting. You could always attempt training via a long distance phone call but overseas rates aren’t cheap. Of course, there are free computer calling systems but that puts it right back into the field of online training.

If you want to get into MLM marketing and you don’t like the thought of sitting in meetings or you prefer to cut out the schmoozing and get right to the training, then an online training system is the better choice for you. You can check out the lessons when you want to, pause it when you need to and go back and re-listen to a part of it you may have missed or didn’t understand.

Some people prefer to do their presentation offline, but most prefer the easier way of having a website and directing people to that. Cold turkey presenting can be awkward, but by putting yourself online, you can present a polished and perfected presentation.

Plus, whenever you want to interact with your people, it’s easier to do so online than it is offline. There are so many ways you can engage with others online. For example, social media is a great tool (and it’s free!) to use to build, encourage and help your distributors.

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